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The Side-Hug Hits the Streets!!!

Just in case you’re a little behind on the latest street lingo and just in case you’re finding yourself far behind on this years fads; let me present to you the newest and hippest fad of them all: The Christian Side Hug! Okay, seriously, I’m assuming you watched the video up above, and I’m assuming […]

No Soul Soliciting!

Please, soul solicitors, when you see this sign, don’t knock on the door. I used to have a No Soliciting sign on the outside of my apartment door, but wouldn’t you know, as they’re encouraged to do, the “soul” solicitors ignored it. By Soul Solicitors, I mainly mean Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. But there were […]

Fun with Yesterday’s Fundies

Fun with Fundies is being kicked up a notch with yet another weekly series called Fun with Yesterday’s Fundies. Now, I’m going to try not to go too far back into the past whenever possible, but with the last twenty years in this country and across the world, I don’t exactly have to search all […]

Fun with Fundies II

The thing is that I couldn’t just pick one quote for the initial and inaugeral Fun with Fundies, so here’s is the number two pick for this week. This comes from a conversation that I had with a woman on Myspace, (to whom I still speak mind you) who seemed very intelligent scientifically. I met […]

Fun with Fundies!!!

The weekly quote from the internet from our favorite people: FUNDIES. Extreme religious fundamentalists say some pretty radical things online, where they think nobody can fact-check them. Well, each week we choose a new quote from a new Fundie here on The Smiling Atheist. And this weeks winner is… Jackie L., who after a heated […]

Sweatin’ to TBN

Let’s flip on through the channels. Channel surfing is a favorite pastime of mine, but lately it’s become a little dreary. But since I’ve occupied my morning by fixing my coffee maker, I’ll go ahead and get started. Although, television is getting boring. I think I’ll flip over to and see what’s on there. […]

Ah, the Blunders of History!

I thought I would take some time to run down some of history’s greatest blunders and “black cloud” moments. We do have a long and rich history and I think although recently we’ve seen some very embarrassing moments that will roll into the next generation through history texts. However, what about the past? People truly […]