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Cute Little Animals Without Souls

In all three major Abrahamic faiths, it is taught that God gave man the earth and all its inhabitants the earth to do with it as they pleased. Along with this teaching is that animals don’t have souls and are mindless creatures that are here for our consumption. Well, although it disparages me that Anne Coulter would disagree with me, I happen to find this statement false, and I do so with a BIG, BIG SMILE!

While I don’t particularly believe in the “soul”, being an atheist, I tend to require some sort of proof of something to call it real, I stand against this belief simply because I love animals and I don’t believe them to be our inferior when it comes to aspects of the “soul”. Elephants mourn death, monkeys are capable of understanding currency, as was recently proven by economist M. Keith Chen of Yale, and all animals are capable of love and affection.

But I decided that it’s not even worth arguing the point to my friends at the religious right. So I decided to make a blog for the young ones instead of the adults for a change and show you some adorable pictures of all of the cute little animals that, according to the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths, will burn in hell because they are soulless beasts.

Look at these two together. It sure seems like they like one another, but according to the Abrahamics, they’re not capable of that. Well, at least they’ll be together in hell.

An adorable little mother duck and her children that the Christians say she’s incapable of loving. And she’s leading her children straight to hell where Muslims say she and her children belong.

This soulless beast is clearly incapable of affection. It’s a good thing that our friends in the Christian faith tell us that this horrific beast is going straight to hell, huh?

This may seem like a content little Hedgehog, but I assure you, it’s eyes are only dreaming of MURDER!!! It’s a good thing that after death, the cells and enzymes of this animal won’t be recycled into the earth, as this animal will be burning in hell.

Animals, as is proven again and again (not by science, but by religion) are not capable of maternal instincts. Remember, they’re just soulless creatures!

Those little cute eyes will surely look good roasting in hell, won’t they?

Hang in there, Kitty. Hell awaits you!

Yep, so lifeless and meaningless are these creatures.

In the end, I must admit this blog to be a cheap blow. However, religious parents seem to forget to tell their children about the negative aspects of their faith, and there are plenty. And the parents who do inform their children of the negative side of religion either raise suicide bombers or atheists. The latter being the most common. Why do you suppose that is? And why do you suppose parents would abstain from telling their children about this part of the religion? Well, it would certainly interfere with the brainwashing if they were to tell their children that these cute and fluffy animals mean nothing in the “eyes of God”, wouldn’t it?

In the end, it’s not cheap for me to do this. It’s realistic. So, how about some realistic teaching and child-rearing. Instead of only filling the heads of your children with the brainwashing, cute and fluffy parts of faith, how about letting them in on the other 97% and letting them choose for themselves. Because you can’t just choose bits and pieces – either you believe in it or you don’t. Why don’t you let little Timmy make up his own mind for a change. He may thank you for it one day.

Thank you. I’m the Smiling Atheist, and apparently I’m smiling my way all the way down to Hell. But one of the reasons I smile is because I know it doesn’t exist.

Have a happy and guilt-free tomorrow.


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