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Fun with Fundies (December 27, 2009)

So, in other words, if it does not say this specific statement in the Koran, then it cannot be true. Let’s translate that a little by saying what he really means, “A small group of radical theologians 1,600 years ago were much smarter and advanced, theoretically, philosophically and technologically, than today’s scientists.” Congratulations, Mr. Iraqi […]

Fun with Fundies (December 26, 2009)

The plain comparison of living, biotic beings to inanimate objects shows a clear misunderstanding of evolution in the first place. And isn’t that the trend that binds all of the science deniers? It truly is. There is a pattern of complete misunderstanding of Darwinian evolution, not to mention its history and progress. But in all, […]

This Just In!!!

This news just in out of Minnesota. A local resident by the name of Dan Angle has found this wonderful and awesome specimen: Atheist Toast. As you can see in the picture, the toast doesn’t have a single design in it. In fact, there’s nothing in the toast except toast. The finder of this exquisite […]

Crazy Breeds Crazy

In my life alone I’ve seen this in its more inconsequential form, all the way to its extremely dangerous form. Not that it’s ever inconsequential for a person to act in a seemingly crazy way over faith, but comparatively, there is a hierarchy. Let’s go to the Mohave desert for our first trek into the […]

Fun with Child-Actor Fundies!

I wish I could just assume that you all know why this is stupid and move on, but apparently that is not the case. This video is one of the most popular hits on right now, and I just don’t know why. But let me take a short look at what this douche is […]