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Fun with Fundies (December 26, 2009)

The plain comparison of living, biotic beings to inanimate objects shows a clear misunderstanding of evolution in the first place. And isn’t that the trend that binds all of the science deniers? It truly is. There is a pattern of complete misunderstanding of Darwinian evolution, not to mention its history and progress. But in all, these people just hate science because science has taken the myths of yesterday and exposed them as the…well, myths that they are.

Religionists have a problem with science only when it interferes with beliefs that were written down in a book 2,000+ years ago by cattle-worshiping primitives who thought the Sun was magic. But they have no problem putting their lives in the hands of science when getting on an airplane or starting their cars, do they? Either you accept science or you don’t. The Amish have it right. They reject science and all of science. They stick in their own communities and only come out when they need to. And best of all, they don’t utilize technology. I have no problem with primitive minds doing primitive things and staying out of the way of the advancement of the rest of society. What I have a problem with is what you see in the Middle East today: Stone Age minds wielding Space Age technology and weaponry. The Amish have it right. They don’t want science and science doesn’t want them. Well, except for their furniture. It’s fantastic.

If you agree with this man and what he represents, then I suggest you start reading. And by reading, I don’t mean works of mythology, I mean work based on facts and evidence. Because you clearly misunderstand evolution as a whole. And frankly, if you’re going to take your science from a book that was written about 1,900 years before the discovery of the Heliocentric universe, then that’s just your own fault and there’s nothing I can do to help you.

Congratulations, Mr. Muslim Cleric. You are exceptionally BAT-SHIT CRAZY!


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