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Fun with Fundies (January 08, 2010)

“I don’t believe that global warming is happening. I don’t believe that humans can destroy a globe that they didn’t create. Besides, after the entire history of the universe (only 6K years), how much damage could we have done?”

Where does a smiling atheist like myself even start with this one. Okay, first things first: You don’t think it is possible to destroy what you didn’t create? Really? How many hamburgers have you eaten in your life? Did you or the butcher create those animals? No, but you certainly destroyed them. Global Warming is one of the thousands of crucial debates that wouldn’t even be happening right now if it weren’t for religion. Religious people feel that something so big that was given to us by our “creator” couldn’t possibly be destroyed by us. And this is ludicrous. If you want to debate its cause as either man-made or natural, I’ll have that debate, simply because there is truth on both ends and evidence on both ends. However, there is far too much evidence for global warming to deny it, and the deniers only take advantage of dumb people who don’t understand it by using evidence against it that actually stands as evidence for it. You know, like colder and colder winters. This is evidence for not against, but the liars take advantage of the stupid and they buy into it.

But evidence is something that religionists have never been very comfortable with, nor cared about at all. If they cared about evidence, they wouldn’t be religious. Or as House put it, “If you could reason with religious people, there wouldn’t be religious people.” And evidence brings be to the second part of this: “6K years”? What?

In other words, the world was “created” four thousand years after the agricultural revolution. What’s funny is that there are so many Christians out there who use the Cambrian Explosion as evidence of creationism. However, the Cambrian “Explosion” occurred 530 million years ago. Therefore, it acts as proof against Christianity, according to the genealogy in the book of Genesis, which claims the world is about 6,000 years old. And the Cambrian is hardly an example of an “explosion” in the first place. Evolutionarily thinking, it was an explosion, however that means it happened over the course of 70 and 80 million years. And it’s not like life didn’t exist before it, however, new and rapidly evolving complex organisms exploded into life over the that course of time. So, this is hardly any kind of proof. And if you’re willing to take the bible’s word for it as opposed to centuries of archaeology, anthropology, geology and biology, not to mention a clear and accurate fossil record, then there is nothing I can do or say to help you. Go back to your Klan meeting and leave the rest of us alone.

In the end, anyone who knows what Carbon is, or even what a greenhouse gas is, knows that greenhouse gasses are what keeps our earth warm. Without them, the earth would freeze because of the Ozone Layer. However, too much Carbon and other greenhouse gasses will accelerate the heating of the earth and cause great calamity. If you want to ignore the fact that the Ozone layer has depleted 40% over the past 14 years, the arctic glaciers melting, including giant chunks of glacier the size of Ireland breaking off twice in one year, increasing ocean temps which cause more hurricanes and aquatic calamity, and, more over, increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, then go ahead. But when this all erupts in our face, just remember it’s your fault.

Congrats, Khristeeanos! You are surely BAT-SHIT CRAZY!!!


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