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The Smiling Atheist’s Breakup Letter to NBC

Today, I say with a heavy heart, “I’m sorry, NBC, but it’s over.”

After all of the years we’ve spent together, it saddens me to leave this relationship. After all, I’ve spent years enjoying your programming from Will & Grace to Late Night with Conan O’Brien. My nights with Kieth Olberman and Rachel Maddow have put a smile on my face with every joke about Billo and his corrupt cohorts at Fox Noise. But today, I came to realize that our relationship was completely one-sided.

Your unethical treatment of Conan O’Brien has led me to believe that NBC is an organization that doesn’t care about its employees, but only cares about the dollar bills those employees make for them (which is of no surprise, but recent events state clearly that your bottom line is just that). I have been a long time proponent of ethical employee/employer relations. I have not shopped at Wal-Mart for over a decade because of their treatment of employees. I don’t donate to charities that are more concerned with their public relations than they are with providing help for those in need. I don’t bank with large corporate banks because of their treatment to the American people and the tax payers. And as of today, I am no longer watching the NBC product because of its unethical treatment of Conan O’Brien, his staff, and the other late night hosts at NBC, save only Jay Leno, who has been treated with vast favoritism.

Conan O’Brien is a good, fair, just and decent human being, and Jay Leno, who is none of these things, has been put on a pedestal above him. Conan was the 17 year host of one of your highest rated programs, and after only seven months on a new show, he was released in the favor of Jay Leno. All the while, it took Jay Leno over two years to even compare with Letterman in the late night ratings. Therefore, why was Conan, a man who has brought billions in revenue to NBC, not treated with the same respect? A child could tell you that a new show takes time to grab its audience, and your inability or unwillingness to capture revenue from Conan’s majority audience of college students and young people on internet sites like Youtube, Veoh and Hulu shows your clear incompetence as an organization.

Jeff Zucker, in his decision, shows a clear favoritism toward Jay Leno, who has stepped on hundreds of people to get to the top, instead of Conan who has only elevated others. And Conan’s withholding for one week against a multimillion dollar buy-out, only to make sure that his staff was compensated to a just degree, shows clearly that Conan’s reputation is just and viable.

NBC, I will no longer be watching any of your programming from now on. I will no longer buy GE products, as GE itself is a murderous organization responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in third world countries, and I will no longer allow advertisements for NBC products on any of my blogs or sites.

And as a side note, I do know that Jay Leno eats children, and I think that is very, very bad.

Congratulations, NBC, you are Bat-Shit Crazy to say the least. And with a heavy heart, after a multi-decade-long relationship, I hereby call it quits. It’s over, NBC. And I want my keys and dog back as well, you assholes.

Please join the boycott of NBC and also join:

I’m With Coco.


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