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The Religion Conspiracy

It’s no wonder that Pat Robertson released a book about the New World Order. Why is it that these conspiracy theorists all seem to be heavily religious people? I can point fingers at the very institution of religion and point out that the Theo-glitch might have a lot to do with it. After all, it’s […]

I’m taking a short break from my What-The-Fuckery Cup for just a day here to respond to something happening in United States right now. This past week’s edition of South Park featured the Muslim prophet Muhammad in their show in an episode much like their previous Super Best Friends episode. Unlike the previous ones, Muhammad […]


THE SMILING ATHEIST PRESENTS: BRACKET B OF THE WHAT-THE-FUCKERY CUP! MATCH ONE: A SPECIAL BLUNT ON A TOWER OF BABEL MATCH! ANYONE CELEBRATING 4:20? GLENN BECK IS! Well, at least he sounds pretty high on today’s edition of the Glenn Beck show, wherein he claims that God has given him a plan. Beck said, “God […]


THE SMILING ATHEIST PRESENTS:THE WHAT-THE-FUCKERY CUP MATCH ONE: A SPECIAL WHO-ELSE-CAN-WE-BLAME MATCH WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN? Well, apparently the Catholics already have. After centuries of blaming the Devil, the Jews, the Protestants, homosexuality et cetera… The Catholics have finally thought of blaming the children. That’s right, Bernando Álvarez, the bishop of Tenerife, […]

Interesting Questions and Statements in Emails from Readers of the Smiling Atheist.

“Why do you hate spirituality?” I want to get one thing straight before I go any farther. My problem is not with moderates, spiritualists or theists. My issue is with organized religion. My issue is with a group of sheep who flock to the large building on a preordained day to hear the words of […]

A Letter from a Concerned Fundie.

What I’m going to do is, instead of just assuming you know why this is stupid and move on, I’m going to pick this apart sentence by sentence to really drive the point home here. Seriously, this is just stupid. “It’s time to stomp out the atheists in America.” How typical of a fundie. Within […]

Irreducible Complexity

Irreducible complexity is a term that is used in the creationist circles to describe the theory that everything must have had a designer as it is so complex and apparently could not function if it were less complex than it currently is. What I don’t understand about this is just how people could misunderstand evolution […]