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Interesting Questions and Statements in Emails from Readers of the Smiling Atheist.

“Why do you hate spirituality?”

I want to get one thing straight before I go any farther. My problem is not with moderates, spiritualists or theists. My issue is with organized religion. My issue is with a group of sheep who flock to the large building on a preordained day to hear the words of a man who claims to speak to an invisible father figure in the sky. People who prescribe literally to a doctrine of preordained morals and values that barely worked in the prehistoric time in which it was written, wherein the only encouragement to be a good person is the extrinsic fear of an invisible manager in the sky who watches your every move and will fire you if you do wrong. I know many spiritualists with whom I get along just fine. They’re just people who accept what science has discovered but just think there must be more to the world than what we know. They’re right to do that. After all, no matter how much we’ve discovered since science broke from the church, we don’t know a fraction of what we will know. And with that, it’s alright to think outside of the box. After all, let us remember that things like evolution, the big bang, gravity, the heliocentric universe and others, are all theories for a reason. They’re theories because while we know that they did happen or are happening, there is a lot that we don’t know about them. Thinking outside the box has allowed science to progress as much as it has in the last few hundred years. But while I think outside the box a little more scientifically than spiritualists, it doesn’t mean I should ridicule them for that.

“You called Ben Stein a moron in a previous blog. Do you really think Ben Stein is stupid?”

No, absolutely not. He’s a very smart man, in fact. However, what is stronger than intelligence is the overall fear of death and mortality felt by most humans. And that is what religion (other than a means of control) was intended to remedy. Ben Stein, and others, is just dealing with his fear of mortality in his own way. Unfortunately, Stein’s fear of death is lain out with the intent of impeding on the education of America’s youth and future of our country. So, do I think he’s stupid? Absolutely not. Do I think he’s lost his conscience and is attempting to sacrifice the well-being of others to pacify his fears? Yes, absolutely.

“You say this country was not founded by Christians. Are you telling me the pilgrims weren’t Christian? Christopher Columbus wasn’t Christian?”

Okay, you all already know why this is stupid, so I’m just going to move on. But for the record, would you please educate yourself before trying to debate with people?

“Nowhere in the New Testament does it say anything about stoning children or killing disobedient wives.”

You’re right, it doesn’t. That stuff is in the Old Testament, which is the same book that condemns homosexuality and the consummation of shell fish. But the fact of the matter is that the New Testament cannot stand alone, as the only reason Jesus’ coming means anything is because it was foretold in the Old Testament. Without the Old Testament, Jesus was just another guy making divine claims. So, you need to choose which one you’re going to follow, the Old and New Testaments or neither.

“You should burn in hell for calling my prophet a pedophile. You will burn in hell for this, I swear it, you will.”

Wow, yeah, you’re not violent at all. Very peaceful people, you are. Anyway, marrying a six-year-old girl makes you a pedophile. I swear it, it does. And riding a magical horse into the sun makes you either a fairytale or a character from My Little Pony who’s about to suffocate as she starts being cooked alive.

“I wonder what hell is like. Let me know when you get there.”

Oh, you. You’re ants at a picnic. Let me know what heaven is like so I can tell the rest of the heathens. Oh, wait, you’ll be worm food, so it’ll be a little hard to communicate. I guess you should haunt me then and tell me what it’s like. I’ll get myself an EVP or whatever those Ghost Hunter guys use to detect imaginary voices from basic household sounds, and then I’ll carry the message. I’ll be sure to wear the message on a sandwich sign on a street corner and scream it at people to be sure I’m taken completely seriously as well. Okay? Fucking bat-shits.

“Why do you Satanists push your beliefs on people”

Hmm. Okay, this is starting to sound like I’m making these up. Satan, my Christian friend, is a Christian concept. I’m not a Christian, I’m an atheist. And if you’ll notice, I’m not pushing anything on anyone. I put my views in a blog and in books where people have a choice as to whether or not they read them. I’m not standing outside of clinics holding signs with doctored pictures of dead babies on them. I don’t shoot people to attempt to prove my “beliefs.” I don’t knock on doors and attempt to convert people into my line of thinking. I don’t encourage legislation without any logical reasoning outside of fairytale books. I don’t attempt to impede on the education of children. I guess the better question is, “Why do you Satanists push your beliefs on people?”


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