I’m taking a short break from my What-The-Fuckery Cup for just a day here to respond to something happening in United States right now. This past week’s edition of South Park featured the Muslim prophet Muhammad in their show in an episode much like their previous Super Best Friends episode. Unlike the previous ones, Muhammad was in a bear suit because Comedy Central didn’t have the balls to let them show Muhammad on television. This was the entire point of their two-part episode regarding Family Guy showing the prophet, in which the fact was expressed that the censoring of art, no matter how mundane, simply for fear of terrorism, is a victory for terrorist intimidation. And while I’m more of a Family Guy fan myself, I thought I would take an opportunity to stand up for my friends Matt and Trey at South Park and fire back at the website that is making death threats to them regarding the episode. So, here, you fucking fascist ass-clowns. I spent about an hour on this and it was an hour well spent. And hey, it’s been a few months since my last death threat, so I’ve been bored.

There. Blakadaka derpaderka! Muhammad’s a bondage obsessed drag queen with a penis too small to reach beyond his fat gut. That’s for Theo Van Gogh, this is for everyone who died in the Denmark after the original comic showing Muhammad was released, it’s for Salmon Rushdie, it’s for Christopher Hitchens, it’s for the millions of people who are living in the Middle East under your oppressive tyranny, and it’s for all of America. Because we make fun of whatever we want here. Catholics, Jews, the elderly, Jesus, Moses and so on… They’re all ripe for our parody and you’re not above the same criticisms just because you’re violent. The Evangelicals are violent, and I give them more shit than anyone. Really, all you’re doing is making this worse on yourself, and trust me, this gets much worse, but it’s your move, Dakadurpa Bat-Shit!


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  1. Love Love Love this!! Keep up the great work!

  2. well you can say what ever you want after all it is freedom of speech but its not right that you should do this as there are more good muslims that wont hurt a fly in the name of islam than these so called wannabe muslims who think they have the right to decide what is good for islam

    • I’m fully aware that there are plenty of good people out there who were unfortunate enough to be born in parts of the world where children are indoctrinated with force into a religious doctrine. It happens in the US just like anywhere else. The issue is that it’s not really about that. It’s not about the Muslims out there who are minding their own business and just living day to day. Doing Draw Muhammad Day is about the radical fringe who gets up in arms every time something happens that they don’t like. It’s about shoving freedom of speech into their face, and letting them know that they can be angry at something all they want, but it doesn’t really matter. Their religious beliefs belong in the home or at Mosque, and those of us outside of those places don’t have to cater to them.

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