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The Smiling Atheist’s Profession of Faith.

It has been my intention since the early years of my life to publish my views on religion and my thoughts upon its establishment.  My years of writing either standup comedy or television/internet comedy, have given me eyes through which before, I did not clearly see.  Much of my humor was based on the premise […]

A Message in Reply to a Lovely Death Threat!

This week’s Smiling Atheist blog is a reply to a death threat that I recieved last week by a man who, on my blog anyway, referred to himself as Muhammad Shari Aleem. Mr. Aleem, I would like to thank you for your kind words on my blog last week regarding my ultimate demise at the […]

Fun with Fundies (May 07, 2010)

B. Murphy: “Homosexuality is proof of intelligent design. After all, in a natural environment queers don’t reproduce, so the orientation fails the survival of the fittest test, and yet there have been gays for as long as anyone has been paying attention.” This little gem was left on a new Facebook group called Queers for […]