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The Smiling Atheist’s Profession of Faith.

It has been my intention since the early years of my life to publish my views on religion and my thoughts upon its establishment.  My years of writing either standup comedy or television/internet comedy, have given me eyes through which before, I did not clearly see.  Much of my humor was based on the premise of religion, and after years of joking about the subject, I realized that in many ways it is not actually as funny as it is scary.

I am fully aware of the controversy of the subject as well as the objections to such criticisms, and from this knowledge I have studied more recently than ever before in my pursuit to present my argument in the most formulaic way possible.  And within the happenings of today’s times being at an all time high in both religious violence and bigotry, I thought it to be the right time to introduce a concept, although similar to that of those who preceded me, that would provoke true thought and debate among the citizens of a country, wherein the freedom to do so, is still the gold standard in all matters of government and public policy.

The circumstances not only here, but within the Middle East, Northern Europe and India in recent years and decades, pertaining to the absolutist and compulsive systems of religions and compulsive doctrines of faith, has not only precipitated my intentions but has also made a work of this kind that much more necessary, lest under the veil of primitive superstitions, false systems of government and odious theology, we lose sight of morality, of humanity, and of the purity within the hearts and minds of man, living independently from doctrines of faith.

As so many others who think as I do have come to the forefront of the continuously rigorous argument of faith in our country and our world, and made their faiths or lack thereof known to the world, I will make mine: and I do this with the utmost sincerity, frankness, and untarnished way in which the mind of man can profess.

I am an atheist, I know of no happiness or misery beyond this life.  I know of no God of guidance and friendship, as I know of no god of hatred and malevolence, I know of no Goddess of either enlightenment or deceit, I know of no devils of ill intent, and I know of no demons inhabiting the minds of man.  I know of no soul, or magical particle inside of the human body, and I know of no evidence to support such a thesis, nor the theory that all mankind was created on a numbered day by an otherworldly creator in the sky, who is also the creator of the very world on which I stand.  I am independent of religious philosophy, theology, and morality, because as man, I have found morality to be as natural as walking, as it would be eventually done with or without the aid of another.  I know that man evolved over the course of billions of years from small water-dwelling organisms, who photosynthesized not from the sun, but most likely feasted upon plants, rocks or upon one another.  I know man to be of the ape family of animal and think not that the belief in such a fact has negative moral ramifications, nor philosophically nihilistic connotations.

I do not, on principal, deny the existence of the one known as The Christ, although the archaeological evidence of him is slim to none, and historical documentation is nothing further than books of faith.  While some of the wars and physical events told in the Old Testament are true, this is little to null in regards to proving any of the other books of faith.  And may I introduce the stories of King Arthur, wherein wars were told of, for which there is archaeological evidence, may it not mean that fictional stories often are based after real events?

My spirituality comes not from a book nor from an unseen being, but from the complexity of the world around me, in all of its beauty and grotesqueness, as we as man must be as diverse as nature.  In the color of a flower garden, I see a kind of beauty that only billions of years of change and evolution could build and develop, and find the belief that a being one day only shook his fingers and everything came to be, to be nullifying of the natural beauty of nature and man, and also to be reprehensible in the undoing and ignorance of all that we, who came from the very organism as everything else, have accomplished in becoming the dominant species on the planet.  And no matter how much evil is done by man, I know that it is not inherent in man, but the cause of introduced elements in the human mind during stages of development that makes man so seemingly incapable of understanding our natural values and morals. Yes, I am an atheist, and only God could change that.

I think all institutions of national religion are reprehensible blankets of power, on whom there may be no question, and from whom there will be great punishment.  And I think all institutions of religion itself to be foundations of self denial, and the denial of the scientific accomplishments of man.  No matter the motivation, whether it be money, power, or political aspirations, I believe them to be the greatest defiling power deemed on man, and with or without its doctrines, deeds would be done of great good and great evil, but only within the Holy confines ordered from the pulpit, can evil deeds be professed to be good.

This blog is not a condemnation, nor do I mean it as a declaration of war upon those who practice faiths of any kind in any of the world’s many regions.  I mean this book as a retaliation of the attacks and declarations of war declared upon me, my kind, my freedoms, and the concept of secular society, wherein the faithful prove diurnally, their inability to live in harmony amongst people of different ideologies, faiths, or lack of faith.

Religion and its place in politics today, and even ultimate power, where each president is not the ultimate, but only the religious special interests to which he answers are the ultimate authority.  And where religion, divinity, dogma, faith, or otherworldly philosophy are one with government, there is war, disease, murder, death, fear, public rape, despair, condemnation, sexism, bigotry, hate, turmoil, dehumanization, humiliation, child desecration and coercion, and idealistic persecution; as is exemplified in countries where religion and politics bare with each other this type of adulterous fornication, the seed of which can only be the fall of man and woman kind alike. This fall may only lead society back to secular thought by the few survived, until religion once again, eases the mind which will not be cursed by rational thought or science.  Where explanations of difficult elements seem easier from the magical wheel of fairytales, than from experimentation, logic, thought, and trial and error; there lingers false concepts and moral accusation.

This is only a response to many declarations made upon me, my country, and my world, and a reluctantly reactive social judgment, begotten of the fury of judgment.  The words you are reading are that of a radical, radicalized only by radicals and radicalism, for the sake of saving the only inhabitable world in our solar system, and the very inhabitants thereof. And where radical thought be deemed unethical, there cannot be religion present either.While a world of peace, neutrality, harmony and plurality be a world in which I would live in dream and fantasy, this is not the world shown to us today, nor in the many experiments preceding it, where religion has been allowed to walk hand in hand with logic, reason or secularism, lest the hand of secular society be lopped off at the wrist, by the deceptive hands of faith.

Religion is the one great expulsion from peace and civility that man has inflicted upon himself, and in the beginning when man created God, he created the power, though nonexistent, which cannot be proven or disproven, much like Russell’s teapot, that will see this world to its end in brutal and total annihilation.


One comment on “The Smiling Atheist’s Profession of Faith.

  1. Thank you for this beautifully written essay. Please do continue.

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