Questions in Genesis

I recently came across and advertisement of a group called Answers in Genesis. The advertisement was a video of a young, blond haired, blue eyed teenager walking toward the screen, holding a gun and gradually lifting up the gun only to pull the trigger. While he did so, a voice over, and a poor one at that, said, “If God doesn’t care about you, then nobody does.” I was rather shocked at the point of this advertisement, and not to mention disgusted at such a violent message coming from people who claim to be so peaceful.

I looked on to find that this organization was responsible for a billboard in the south which made quite the irrational and demonstrably untrue claims about a country that is known to be the second least religious country on the planet, Sweden.

The billboard read, “Sweden is one of the most secular countries in the world. It’s a land of no color where children will kill you for candy.”

Obviously, the first thing I thought was that this had to be a joke. This had to be like my popular Minister Phibes Character, or something like the Landover Baptist Church. There’s no way that someone could say something seriously that I would have had to take a day of comedy writing to think up. Something so absurd I would be comfortable saying in character because there’s no way that anyone could take me seriously. But I’ve come to find out that these people are serious. In fact, it was founded by Creation Museum founder Ken Ham, a famously inaccurate “scientists” who greatly resembles an Amish Pilgrim in crack.

I thought, ‘Well, I know that these people are full of it, but what about people who don’t?’ So, I figured I’d take it upon myself to answer their two claims about the country of Sweden. I’m going to leave out all of the other stuff on their site, because I’ve talked much of it to death. Let’s start with the children killing you for candy.

Sweden is known, by the rational world anyway, as one of the safest countries in the world. Whereas, when there is a gun violence or violent crime problem in Europe, it’s mostly referred to as an American problem. Here’s why. In 2003, there were two homicides per 100,000 residents in the country of Sweden. Since then, in 2009, for example, there was one homicide per almost 200,000 citizens. I’d hardly call that a country where children will kill you for your candy. How about something to compare that number to? How about the second most religious country next to Turkey according to a 2008 Gallup poll? In 2004, the United States had the lowest homicide rate in over thirty years at 4,852 homicides per 100,000 residents. So, tell me again how Sweden is a crime ridden hell hole because it’s a secular, irreligious dump? And did I mention that of all of the homicides in the country of Sweden in 2009, none of which were committed by, or even involved children? That’s sort of a point worth making. In fact, there has not been a homicide involving a child in over five years. In 2005, a child was killed when a couple was held at gunpoint, in case you were wondering where the one five years ago came from. On the other hand, the US has over 1,000 incidents of gun violence involving children every year, including over 500 homicides.

What’s going on here? I thought we were supposed to be the second most religious country in the world? Could it be that more religion maybe isn’t the answer to defeating violent crime? Could it be that there is a direct correlation between the fact that the most irreligious countries have the least amounts of teen pregnancy, violent crime, STDs, murder and suicide than the most religious? Could it be that there’s something to be said for the most irreligious countries being the most prosperous as well? Who knows? Let us continue, eh?

Answers in Genesis claim that Sweden is a “Country without color.” Gee, let me think about this for just a moment. Or rather, let’s compare some numbers, shall we? Although Sweden is the world’s second most irreligious country, it is the home to over 350,000 Muslims of African and Middle Eastern descent, over 50% of which were brought into the country because of Sweden’s generous refugee program. And with Sweden at a small population of 9,219,637 people, this makes the country 3.8% Muslim of African or Middle Eastern descent. Doesn’t sound like much? Well, let’s compare this to the United States. The United States has an overall population of over 310 million people. The US is home to 2.8 million Muslims, which places the percentage at 0.9% Muslim of African or Middle Eastern descent. So, you tell me which country is an all white, racist nation? In fact, to go one step further, the US is home to a population of 80% white people, whereas many of Sweden’s major cities are up to 84% non-white citizens.

So, I guess I don’t get where Answers in Genesis are getting their numbers, or rather, how they’ve managed to skew them so that people actually believe their lies, but the truth is far from what this rampant, radical and violent organization claims to be the truth.


10 comments on “Questions in Genesis

  1. Do you really think that almost 5% of the American population gets murdered very year?Really? What would your chances of living to 20 be??This is a silly mistake that should be corrected.

  2. The so-called Swedish billboard is a fake. It has nothing to do with Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. It was photo-shopped by an opponent of AiG. Look carefully and you can see that it's a fake. This fabricated billboard is an internet myth that continues to be circulated by undiscerning people. Even pro-evolution sites are acknowledging the fraud. Mark, Answers in Genesis

  3. @ jlparsons399: The numbers were according to Gallup. If you've got an issue with the numbers, then talk to them. I don't acknowledge opinions without a basis in fact. Can you produce numbers to the contrary regarding the homicide rates in 2004?@ Mark: Whether it's faked or not, it's got a message. And the message of the billboard presents questions. Questions like, "What person thought that this video was in good taste?" There's no claiming the video was shopped or faked; it's right off of the Answers in Genesis page. Ken Ham HAS made claims that the more religious a country is, the lower the crime rates and higher the prosperity, which is contrary to ALL real evidence. But Ken Ham has never cared much for evidence, has he?

  4. Please don't move the goalposts and try to deflect your readers' attention away from two horrible mistakes you made in a public way and refuse to retract: arguing that supposedly about 15 million Americans are murdered each year and also believing in a fake billboard without fact-checking. In defense of jlparsons above, the burden of proof is on you to provide the Gallup figures you claim to have found about US homicide rates. Despite your hand-waving to the contrary, what you have claimed is clearly wrong; it's preposterous for you to uncritically accept a figure that supposedly about 15 million people were murdered in the US in 2004. Mark, Answers in Genesis

  5. Wow, Mark. You really aren't all that bright are you? First you ask me what the chances would be of making it to twenty-years-old would be if 5% of Americans were murdered in 2004. Well, the obvious answer would be a 95% percent chance. Is that really so unreasonable? No, it's not. Anyway, a simple Google search could find those numbers for you, but why don't I give you some links so that you don't have to do the research for yourself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_the_United_States with the sited source being the same as mine at Bureau of Justice Statistics, crime 1974-2004. As for the billboard, with so much of the crazy BS I've heard coming out of the mouth of Ken Ham, including his entire career of work, could you really blame me for thinking he would actually create a billboard like that? Bat shit is as bat shit does. If he's willing to completely ignore all available science in the world in regards to paleontology, biology, geology, archaeology and so on; why would he not ignore simple crime rate statistics and other various facts? You know, kind of like what you've done by accusing me of putting out outrageous numbers, when a simple Google search could have shown you that I'm right.

  6. Here are a few more just in case the others are a little too long for youhttp://www.fbi.gov/ucr/cius_04/This one is in very simple numbers for you. http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/cius_04/offenses_reported/violent_crime/murder.htmlYet another that is broken down simple numbers that could have once again be found on a simple Google search. http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/uscrime.htmAnd do yourself a favor, as a theist, in the future, don't talk to people about the burden of proof. That's not an argument that tends to work in your favor.

  7. Allen, google is too tough for some people. It's easier just to peck out random keys and hope you have made a point.The critics here had no luck this time, too bad for them.

  8. Uh, your own sources don't give the numbers you claim. The third source you list above shows 16,148 murders in 2004 out of a population of 293,656,842. That's a rate of 5.5 per 100,000.The other two links are broken, however, here's a link to the murder statistics from the FBI's crime report for 2004:http://www2.fbi.gov/ucr/cius_04/offenses_reported/violent_crime/murder.htmlIt shows a murder rate of 5.5 per 100,000.Your estimate that you'd have a 95% chance of surviving to 20, given that 5% of the population is murdered every year is totally wrong.Assuming everyone has the same chance of being murdered each year, and it doesn't change with age, you would have a 95% chance of surviving one year. The probability of surviving to 20 would be 0.95^20, meaning you'd have a 36% of surviving to 20!Also, by your numbers, in any given year, you should expect that 5% of the people you know would be dead by the end of the year.

  9. Having been to Stockholm, Malmö, and Helsingborg, (the 1st, 3rd, and 8th largest urban areas in Sweden), I find your claim that "Sweden’s major cities are up to 84% non-white citizens" extremely dubious.

  10. I realize this post is months old, but it is still online, and someone recently used your numbers in a Facebook discussion.Very few of the facts I check are correct. I think it is unethical to leave this without correction.

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