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Fun With Fundies (Wednesday September 1, 2010)

Ah yes, you knew it had to come back someday. Well today is the day. In the wake of an Oklahoma senate race this year that is hotly contested, a familiar face has stepped back into the news, and that is Representative Sally Kern (R) Oklahoma. Do you remember who this is? If not, let me remind you that this is a woman who tried, in her own very special way, to explain to us how homosexuality is worse than terrorism! Did you read that properly? Yes, yes you did. Here is the exact quote.

“Here in America we’ve had what maybe three known real big terrorist attacks on our nation,” Kern said. “But every day our young people especially, all of us, but our young people especially are in a sense bombarded with the message that homosexuality is normal and natural.”

I know that quote is rather hard to read. Not just because of it’s very poor and seemingly misguided structure, but also because she truly is saying that homosexuality is worse than terrorism.

You see, Mrs. Kern, much like many of her Republican counterparts, believes the jury is still out on science. She would put her personal beliefs upon the mount with no regard for actual facts. And as I’ve said hundreds of times in the past, personal opinions are one thing, but when they clearly contradict facts, you have no right to them, outside of the bounds of willful ignorance.

Mrs. Kern, homosexuality is natural, whether you like to admit it or not. It happens all the time in nature, and it have been happening in humans since as far back as history carries us. And contrary to what you seem to believe (there’s that word again), that goes a hell of a lot farther than 6,000 years. And no matter how much you’d like to believe that the Flintstones was a documentary piece, it’s not.

And Mrs. Kern, please define normal. Is normalcy what the majority believes? Because if so, you’re abnormal. The majority of Americans state the opinion that homosexual marriage is alright. In fact, even the majority of moderate Christians do, which puts you again in the minority. So, with that cleared up, can I point out something else in your statement that really bothers me?

You say our children are “bombarded” with this message. How so, exactly? No, I really want to know how anyone is bombarded with the message of homosexuality, simply because it’s accepted by members of society that are sane. And atop of that, I really need to know how this damages children. I mean, your opinion is that gay marriage will turn more people gay, much like tall marriage makes more people tall. But as I just pointed out in that witty remark, it’s entirely untrue.

In the end, I think the irony that someone like you is now running against transgender Democratic contender Brittany Novotny is nothing short of grand. You have shown yourself to be the same kind of bigot as the rest of your party, and that you would appreciate a world, even more so than our own, which showed discrimination against people based on their DNA. Tall, black, gay…all are completely natural in people, no matter what your lack of scientific understanding would tell you.

Congratulations, Representative Kern. You are indeed BAT SHIT CRAZY!



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