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Today, none of the usual snark will occur on the Smiling Atheist blog.  Today we remember a great man – possibly one of the greatest men to have ever lived.  On January 24, 1965, the world lost a great writer, statesman and politician by the name of Sir Winston Churchill.  Aside from his impeccable wit, […]

February is Sarah Palin-Free Month

I know that this is going to be pretty hard on all of you out there, but we must make this pact.  Here’s why: 1.)  It’s become a little bit like punching a two-year-old crying child; yes, it’s extremely satisfying, but it’s just way too easy. 2.)  You know how fickle people are.  If they […]

Please, Governor Bentley, Don’t Apologize to Me!

Oh, no, please, Mr. Alabama governor Bentley, please don’t apologize to me.  You really don’t have to.  I’m sure that everyone as of late has heard the recent comments made on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, regarding who he considers to be his brothers and sisters.  Let me go ahead and give you a […]

Arizona: Here We Go Again

Sorry, I’ve been away for sometime now.  I’ve been getting the book off the ground, and even though it keeps getting pushed back, my final proof is in the mail as we speak, and by February, it should be on the shelves.  I’ll be providing you all links on as well as my personal […]