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Arizona: Here We Go Again

Sorry, I’ve been away for sometime now.  I’ve been getting the book off the ground, and even though it keeps getting pushed back, my final proof is in the mail as we speak, and by February, it should be on the shelves.  I’ll be providing you all links on Amazon.com as well as my personal eStore, where you can all pick it up for $19.99.  Also, I’m working on my first serious fiction piece.  The working title is Sex & Therapy, and what it is is sort of a modern day excursion into Scottish Realism, with a sort of Chuck and JD style of writing to it. 

I did, however, want to take a moment to discuss the recent actions over this weekend in Arizona.  To be blunt, I have to ask now, how much blood is now on the hands of the pundits who feed into the delusional minds of their paranoid viewers?  People like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to just name two of the top.  You have to understand, when you use terms like “First Amendment remedy,” and encourage violence and revolution, this is precisely what happens.

Now, I’m not going to feed into the game by only blaming one side of this.  America is divided because both sides are divided – not just one.  However, you only really here this type of hate speech and encouragement of war coming from one side of the coin.  And much like when Bill O’Reilly openly ordered the death of an abortion doctor on his show – an act that took place only a week later – I have yet to hear any sort of condemning from the side that encouraged it.  In fact, I saw that Fox News immediately cut away from its coverage of the vigil when Sarah Palin’s name was brought up. 

And speaking of Sarah Palin, this is a message that was left on her Facebook page only yesterday regarding the incident: “It’s ok. Christina Taylor Green [the 9-year-old girl who was killed] was probably going to end up a left-wing bleeding-heart liberal anyway. Hey, as ‘they’ say, what would you do if you had the chance to kill Hitler as a kid? Exactly.”

This is exactly the kind of hate speech I’m talking about.  Nobody deserves to die for anything, in my opinion, and I know that many Christians out there feel differently, including this one.  But especially a nine-year-old girl who had nothing more than her entire life to look forward to.  Did I mention this girl was born on September 11, 2001?  How coincidental is that?  She was born on the day of America’s greatest political and religious attack to date, and she ends up dying not ten years later, in a political attack that came from within our own country – an attack bread by our own radicalism, and not that of another country.

People like this disgust me, but not half as much as those to whom they look up – those who encourage this type of violence.  Left or Right, black or white, theist or atheist; NONE of us should plot to kill innocent people, and NONE of us should encourage such actions with either actions of our own, or something as simple as our words.  I know that pundits on both sides know that they reach an audience comprised of those who merely listen moderately, to those who take every word as gospel, and would even set out to kill those who would deny their words.  This time, it was the latter, as it will be again and again.  Divisive hate speech ends today, less we be cursed with a future as war-torn and destroyed as those countries we wage war against, in order to “spread freedom”.

Smiling Atheist out, and please remember that anything which divides us can never unite us.  Also, remember to follow me into hell with a smile on your face.  And please, how about the rest of you start smiling for a while?  You may see violence wiped away within a matter of seconds.  We can all be good without God, but not God without good.  Take from that what you will.


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