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To Japan from America’s God Damn Christian Population.

The following note is regarding the types of tweets and posts that I’ve been seeing all day today and all day yesterday. From any and all atheist, agnostics, irreligious, or just plainly secular people I know, it’s been a field of “Sending our good thoughts to Japan,” followed by links or text numbers where you can donate to aid in humanitarian efforts. From the other side, however, while I’ve seen a few of the religious people I know actually posting some positive messages (excluded is the copy/paste status going around telling people to send a WAVE of prayers toward the Japanese – really tasteful, Christians), the vast majority of it has been posts like the following from Twitter:
@DOC914‎: Japan gave us pokemon, God gave them an earthquake/tsunami one-two … you do the math.

@Evd23rocker:‎ Why this earthquake happened in Japan? I don’t think God did it I believe Satan did it.

@Ninja_Beanz‎: Dont ask God for help Japan, ask him to please stop killing ur people. He CREATED the earthquake and the tsunami

@Traceybickle:‎ The earth needs the mercy of God. Cry out all who will and He will relent. #Japan’s #earthquake

@EspoOriginals:‎ Maybe the Mayans were right…. #2012 #Earthquakes #Japan #Haiti

@Catcasco‎: All I’m going to say is this: if God gave one tiny dog’s scrotum about Japan he wouldn’t have hit them with the earthquake/tsunami combo.

@PoetSam17:‎ Man has never been good at reading signs, Just ignoring them. Earthquake in Japan, let’s acknowledge God’s signs. Turn to HIM and pray.

@Tinasongbird73‎: Prayers up 4 the people in japan who’ve experience great loss & heartache frm the earthquakes & Tsunami. God is trying 2tell us something!

Yet to weigh in is the infallible Pat Robertson himself, but it seems like his zombie followers are beating him to the punch these days. Really, people. Anyone I see saying anything about GOD being involved or that God is telling us something or sending us a message, is going to get beaten about the head severely with a book on plate tectonics.

Smiling Atheist OUT!


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