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Why Don’t Psychics Ever Know They’re Not Psychics?

  “I realize that there is no concrete scientific evidence for psychic abilities (at least no evidence that’s available to the public). However, has this stopped the US government and many local police forces around the nation from employing psychics? No, it hasn’t. This has been going on for decades. Even China has what they […]

This Skeptical Heart Goes Out to Norway

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, only days ago, a government center in Norway was bombed by an alleged lone extremist, who then followed a group of young Labor Party members to an island Summer camp, killing at least 80 in a heinous shooting.  I know that my heart, as well as any […]

That’s Allstate’s Stand. Are you a Virgo?

There are plenty of reasons to encourage critical thinking among people.  There are people who refuse to have their children vaccinated because they have a personal hypothesis – without evidence of any kind – that vaccines cause autism or lower Intelligence Quotients among children.  There are grown parents who don’t seek medical attention for their […]

I Don’t Like Change!

Nor do most of us.  It’s just one of those evolutionary traits that we have as humans: Change is bad. However, in this instance, I feel I should explain why the name and design change to the blog.  It has nothing to do with distancing myself from the atheist movement or from the word “atheist” […]

Time to Raise a Stink

Don’t be fooled by the title of this blog.  I’m in no way referring to an excess expulsion of methane gas, nor am I referring to a proposed vacation to Washington D.C.  I’m going to do what it seems like everyone else is doing: Offer my illegitimate commentary on the Rebecca Watson matter.  I refer […]