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Holocaust Denialism

  So, this is a nice, happy little conversation I had with a Facebook chum last night.  Interesting for sure; scary for sure; pathetic? Oh yes.  Beyond pathetic.  It’s striking to me to think that after all of these years, after all of the evidence, after all of the speeches from the survivors, that there […]

Come Aboard the Coultrain!

Old Ann Coulter seems to be at it again.  You know, I’ve always wondered if maybe she was just a shill for the other side, which happens to be my side, for the most part.  Three things happen every time miss Coulter opens her mouth: Far-right, evangelical radicals cheer; otherwise logical republicans leave an indent […]

September’s Anti-Evolutionary Argument

What is it with evolution denialists and creationists using modern foods as arguments against the theory of evolution?  Coincidentally, their favorites seem to be peanut butter and bananas – a favorite combination of food of the King himself, Elvis Presley.  But unlike Elvis, theses people are still around, so I apparently have to take the […]

What is the scientific evidence that homosexuality is genetic?  Truth be told, little evidence has been shown.  And for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain to you, to say that homosexuality is a trait passed on from one generation to the next, especially in the animal kingdom, is a little absurd, withstanding genes interacting with […]

August’s Anti-Evolutionary Argument

This is a new feature of The Smiling Skeptic.  Instead of tackling the counter-points to evolution in one blog, which would be a very long one, I’ve decided to break the counter-points down to a month-by-month basis. Since this is a new feature to the blog, I want to get something out of the way […]

Power Bracelets

Oh, so many absurdities.  What is it about our civilization that seems to force at least a marginal percentage of the population into complete ignorance of empirical value?  What is it that has us put any level of trust into unsubstantiated claims – admittedly unsubstantiated claims?  There’s a reason the psychic hotline commercials flash the […]