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Holocaust Denialism

This he sounds a little crazy? Well, keep reading!


Yeah. I know, right?

So, this is a nice, happy little conversation I had with a Facebook chum last night.  Interesting for sure; scary for sure; pathetic? Oh yes.  Beyond pathetic.  It’s striking to me to think that after all of these years, after all of the evidence, after all of the speeches from the survivors, that there are still people out there who claim the holocaust never actually happened.

Yes, we could converse about the actual numbers.  The number 6 million is based on the amounts of bodies found, documents retrieved from Nazi concentration camps, the offices of top-ranking Nazi officials in and outside Germany, documented reports from several nations that were the victims of Nazi invasion, and several other sources that were certainly enough for the International Criminal Court to convict.

Could this number be inflated?  Of course.  Could this number actually understate the holocaust?  Yes, of course it could.  However, in the article that was to breed this conversational progeny, an independent, illiterate organization is claiming that the actual Red Cross records for those who suffered in the holocaust estimate about 247,000 Jews were killed, less than 5% of that claimed by official reports.

This is an issue, since Nuremberg alone documented the senseless killing of more than this “total” number claimed by this organization.  Auschwitz claimed many more, as so did the work of Oscar Schindler, so did Herman Goring when he testified against his own side.

This report seems to be mixing things up a little bit.  First thing I noticed was that the article was not properly sourced, but aside from that, I noticed that the article only claimed Jewish people who were actual German citizens.  Have we so soon forgotten that this travesty did not take place in one single, isolated location?  There were hundreds of thousands of French, Dutch, Polish, British, Austrian, Middle Eastern people who were killed immediately or sent to camps to die.

Millions of people suffered from the actions taken by Adolf Hitler and his allied forces, and there are still those who deny it ever happened, simply out of anti-Semitic sentiment, or just plain anti-government hubris.  Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, Lutherans, Muslims, Christians, whites, blacks, browns, creams, yellows, and maybe even a green or two.  These actions can never be denied, nor should they be, as every time we attempt to erase this uncomfortable and inconvenient piece of history, we merely open the doors for it to happen again.

Mountains of evidence for, and zero evidence against.  I’d say this old dog was put to sleep.


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