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Rick Perry and His Bible on Climate Change

I’m a little unclear about this: How is the subject of Galileo, Copernicus, and the heliocentric theory of the solar system in any way related to man-made climate change?  It seems that Texas governor Rick Perry thinks they’re very related.  He had this to say regarding man-made climate change: “The science is not settled on […]

1952 by 2022?

1952 by 2022?

I happened across this online this morning just after reading about the possible return of a full-blown polio epidemic by the year 2022 – possibly even sooner.  Recently, in areas of our own medically advanced, first-world country, four cases of polio have been reported this year.  That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s four up […]

Another Disgusting Fundie on Twitter

Why be skeptical in this world?  Here’s a great example of just why.  In this man’s hate-filled head is an astounding level of hubris and lack of critical thinking.  Right-wing conspiracy theories combined with extreme religious beliefs, and you have JYezman. JYezman is the militia commander for the second Indiana militia.  This is redneck for […]

I Can’t Believe Nobody is Talking About This

        If I had a word to describe this outside of intentional slander, then I’d insert it here.  Unfortunately, I don’t.  The one greatest thing about the information age is that if you say something stupid, there will always be someone quick enough with the Windows 7 Snipping Tool to record it […]