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Another Disgusting Fundie on Twitter

@JYezman on Twitter

The Hate of the Skeptically Challenged

Why be skeptical in this world?  Here’s a great example of just why.  In this man’s hate-filled head is an astounding level of hubris and lack of critical thinking.  Right-wing conspiracy theories combined with extreme religious beliefs, and you have JYezman.

JYezman is the militia commander for the second Indiana militia.  This is redneck for under-educated lunatic with guns that a few other under-educated lunatics with guns listen to for whatever reason.

Not thinking critically allows for the mind to believe anything that you hear, and this is what it leads to.  Comments such as “Attack with God’s might,” are a perfect example of what I’m talking about, which is the problem with religion in general: You can apply any of your violent intentions, cherry-pick a bible, and follow it through with any and all justification.  Does this remind you of Norway?  It should, because the speak that preceded it wasn’t any different from what I read on this Twitter page.

Support for terrorism, belief in wild hypotheses, encouragement of violence; this is what literal religious beliefs and crazy conspiracy hypotheses offer us.  Can you just imagine a world without either?  I can.  Just remember, right-wing people, this is the result of your rhetoric.


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