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I Can’t Believe Nobody is Talking About This

Not deleted quickly enough.





If I had a word to describe this outside of intentional slander, then I’d insert it here.  Unfortunately, I don’t.  The one greatest thing about the information age is that if you say something stupid, there will always be someone quick enough with the Windows 7 Snipping Tool to record it and keep it in circulation forever.  This time, I was that person.

This post happened to appear just as I was going to snip another Tweet that, compared to this, was mildly hate-filled.  But Joyce Meyer apparently prayed hard enough for my good fortune.  Only seconds later it was deleted, so it’s a good thing I didn’t refresh.

This is yet another example of religious extremism at its worst, and another reason we should allow our minds to put this stage of primitive behavior behind us.  When one is willing to encourage the murder of innocent people in lieu of peace and harmony among mankind, simply because of the words written by cattle-sacrificing primitives who worshiped the sun; you’ve single-handedly set us back as a species thousands of years.  But that, in the end, is exactly what they want, isn’t it?

Come on, people.  Think critically for just one moment, and you’ll soon find out how great it feels not to wish death upon others because an invisible sky-daddy told you that you should.


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