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Answers in Genesis Returns with a Whopping Plate of Stupidity

If this doesn't make you laugh, then I can't help you.

Anyone who has been reading my blogs for a while, or my books for that matter, knows that The Smiling Skeptic and Answers in Genesis go way back.  Yeah, we’re old chums, I guess you could say.  But by “old chums” what I actually mean is that they are a favorite target of mine.  Not so much because they’re so easy – because they are – but because they have a gripping, lashing, and taunting stranglehold on the world of idiocy.

It just so happens the image above came from Ken Hamm and his Answers in Genesis organization – yes, the same one with the creation museum in the middle of the bible belt.  Well, where else were they going to put it?

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you all of the things that are wrong with this image, but I’m going to anyway.  I’m going to start with the mind-boggling use of the word “scientists.”  You see, Ken Hamm seems to feel that all sciences, and scientists for that matter, are the same.  He honestly sees zero distinction between the exact and inexact, hard or soft sciences.  Why would he?  This is a man who doesn’t know the difference between anecdotal and empirical evidence, and has zero respect for either unless the so-called evidence meets his end, which it only does when he misrepresents the data, or flat out makes it up.

The fact of the matter is that this image is representing the inexact and variable-laden field of meteorology.  Meteorology is a very hard field for a lot of reasons, but mainly because of the variables.  This makes predicting the weather nearly impossible even for today’s most powerful computer models; models that are more often than not the source of the meteorological interpretation that you hear from your weatherman at night or in the morning.  The earth is a crazy and wondrous thing but it is nearly impossible to predict no matter what.  However, what I would ask Ken Hamm to do is to write down how many times his weatherman is correct during a thirty-day period, then in the next thirty days, write down how many times he accurately predicted the weather through prayer, and stack those two values up against one another.  I’m willing to bet you’re going to get a pretty statistically significant difference between the two.  But enough about that.

Ken Hamm is using the field of meteorology to attack the fields of biology, anthropology, paleontology, archaeology, and even paleoclimatology.  This is analogous to using the missing pieces of string theory to attack germ theory.  It just doesn’t work.  Quantum physics and microbiology are two distinct fields of science that are really in no way related to one another aside from the fact that they’re both sciences.  The same can be said for meteorology and any of the fields I just mentioned.  Meteorology is trying to interpret trends to conclude what will happen tomorrow.  Evolutionary biology is interpreting evidence to conclude what happened yesterday.  See the difference?

Now, onto something a little more troubling about this photo.  Where did I find it, you ask?  Well, I found it on the internet.  You know what the internet is, right?  It’s that modern marvel of science that allows us to do anything from check the weather at the bus depot or watching a movie while on an airplane, to connecting with friends in chat rooms and making our public opinions known over a worldwide audience.  That modern marvel of science seems to be something Ken Hamm doesn’t quite understand.  You are using science when you upload your photos and videos attacking science.  Try making your internet work without physics or the history of quantum mechanics that made internet usage possible, and just pray to have your message broadcast across the world.  While you’re at it, Captain Ignorance, why don’t you ignore the proper scientific procedure of turning your ignition to make your combustion engine turn over and operate, and just pray for it to happen.

Why don’t you just quit being a hypocrite in general, Ken?  If you hate science so much, then stop using it.  Stop using cars, airplanes, GPS systems, computers, the internet, smart phones, all phones for that matter.  Ignore the laws of chemistry when you build your stupid monuments to ignorance at the creation museum and just pray that all of the atoms come together they way they’re supposed to, in order to forms a structurally sound wall or plastic dinosaur.  Ignore physics when you’re riding on your bike and pray for the bike to stop.  Ignore the laws of thermodynamics, as you do anyway, and light yourself on fire in the hopes that the fire with just extinguish itself.  If you really want to save the world, as you claim, then the latter will do more for the American gene pool than you could ever accomplish elsewhere.

Thanks for reading, and sorry I got a little hostile there in the end.  Well, no I’m not.


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