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Ghost Hunters: Not Even Trying Anymore

Is it just me, or are the Ghost Hunters not even trying anymore?

I’ve chatted alongside some very famous paranormal investigators, as I’ve chatted at length with those who remain nameless in the paranormal world.  All along the lines, they seem to have the same opinion on the Ghost Hunters as I do: Not quite as blatantly fake as the Ghost Adventurers, but not that far off these days.

These people always know how I feel about the field ahead of time, and they know I’m a full skeptic whose skepticism goes all the way to the top; however, I’ve always wondered how I, as a stone cold skeptic, can have the same opinions as those who not only believe in the paranormal, but work in the booming field.  The reason is simple: Ghost Hunters is a television show, nothing more, nothing less.  If they don’t “find” anything, there are no ratings.  Sure, real life investigators prefer those shows because that’s what their investigations are like, but the viewing public has a serious ADD problem, and needs so-called reality shows to be set up just like a scripted television show.  There needs to be suspense, spooky music, something cathartic to happen before an act break to keep them watching, and some sort of pay off at the end.  Makes you wonder why reality TV is so much cheaper when it requires the same amount of writers and producers, but that’s a whole different topic, and I digress.

The fact of the matter is that paranormal investigation TV has become a bit of a religion in and of themselves.  As violently as a stern religious person reacts when you question his or her beliefs with logic, the viewers of Ghost Hunters with come down upon you with furious anger, three fold that of your typical Christian, Muslim, Jew, or even Wiccan.  This is because there is nothing to defend, and if Fox News has taught us anything, it’s that if you can’t back up your opinions with facts, then just get louder.

Why am I rambling about these people?  Well, because I wanted to demonstrate just how much these shows are barely even trying.  And I guarantee you that while much of the viewing public doesn’t know basic special effects or photo manipulation, those of us who work on manipulation programs often (all of the art on this blog is original artwork done on GIMP) can spot a fake like a Ben Stein book in the middle of a biology section.  In other words, the something’s-not-right-here trigger is pulled in our brain, and our eyes jolt straight to the problem.  Here’s an example: On a recent episode of Ghost Hunters, the TAPS team claimed to have caught a full-body apparition for the first time ever.  This is the jumbled mess of pixels they caught:

I know what you’re thinking: Not exactly Slimer, is it?  The mess of pixels above is claimed to be a full-body apparition.  Let’s break this down step by step, frame by frame, so that you can see it move within the seven frames that caught it.

Nothing too exciting here. Just a little bit of camera shadow.

Now we're starting to see some static, which looks like a malfunctioning cameraNow, just to give you some context, these white lines are supposed to pick up areas that are out of the ordinary.  To me, it looks like someone drew a house on an Etcha-Sketch, but onto the next.

Now, it’s getting a little bigger, but what’s going on at the upper to middle left of the image?  Why are there what look like light trails going off everywhere as this black mass surfaces from the stairway out of thin air?  Again, looks like someone’s camera is malfunctioning to me, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Here we have the same problem, and it’s just getting worse.  Could the “entity” on the right have anything to do with whatever malfunction is happening on the left of the screen?  Or is our “ghost” just moving a flashlight around really fast.  According to the Ghost Hunters, ghosts have nothing better to do than play with flashlights, so who knows?

This glitch only seems to be getting worse, and I still can’t make out a figure on the right, except it looks a little like someone blended another scene into this one, which would explain where these lights are coming from.  It actually looks like they blended in with transparency, and covered it with a noisy gradient, which resulted in the glitches we’re seeing on the left, which I’m sure they were hoping nobody would go through frame by frame to find.  Oops!

Now the black mass is fuller, but what’s happened to the lighting glitch.  It looks like someone is wearing an alien mask with glowing heart eyes.  Could this be some lighting that would have taken way too long to cover up in post production?  I’m thinking so.  Now the last of seven:

The blob is disappearing into the darkness on the right, while the lights go nuts for one last time on the left.

Did any of this resemble a “ghost” to you?  I certainly didn’t see one.  Just like every time anyone on any of these shows gets an EVP, they hear complete sentences, while all I hear is someone’s finger lightly brushing the microphone on the recorder in a methodical order.   Oops, did I give that secret away.  Yeah, it’s incredibly easy to duplicate, and since they tell everyone at home what they’re supposed to be hearing, that’s what they’ll hear.  It’s called auditory matrixing.  Happens all the time to every one of us.

Now, there is another problem with this footage.  They played back the night’s recording to show that nobody was walking around in a cloak trying to fake something, and this is the image they showed:

As you can see, the “Spectercam3” is picking up our blob, all the while nothing else in the house is picking up anything.  Wait a minute.  Isn’t there something missing here?  Shouldn’t there be some kind of time stamp on this videos?  You know, something to prove these are all being taken at the same time?  Secondly, what would this prove anyway?  It clearly shows there was nobody in any of the other parts of the house, so how would this prove they weren’t all filming a faked ghost sequence.  Third, I’d like to point out that the bottom right camera seems to have light emanating from somewhere.  Was this while the whole house was on lights-out, because if it was, I’d like an explanation as to why there’s light there.

Or could it be that the light in there is from an exterior source, which was also causing what appeared as motion on the “Spectercam3” in those seven frames?  I’d be interested to see the other footage from the bottom right camera and see if there was a blast of light around that time from an exterior source.  You see, none of this proves anything.

The Ghost Hunters captured nothing except all of the gullible minds of their viewers, and only managed to “prove” that the minds of their viewers don’t think all that critically.  And don’t take offense if you are one of their viewers reading this blog, because it’s not so much a slight on you, but a slight on a group of people who are making a killing doing nothing but deceiving people and taking advantage of a hope that is inside many people, that solely exists to offset our natural fear of death.

To this day, after several hundred years of study (starting at the date when science finally broke from the church and became credible), nobody has been able to produce proof of any type of afterlife, and the “science” that has been built up around it is specious and heavily prone to error, variables and mischief.  In other words, the scientific method follow, it does not.

I’m wishing everyone a fantastic holiday season.  Whether you’re celebrating the traditional Pagan holiday of Christmas, spinning a dradle on your floor and lighting candles, or finding just the right bust of Sr. Isaac Newton to put on your Festivus tree like yours truly; this is a time of year for giving, charity, and just being nice to one another for once.  I hope we can all make it through another holiday season.  Don’t be afraid to let that inner child come out just a little bit.  After December 25, it’s just boring and bland Winter for several months until St. Valentine’s Day.  And who knows how the hell I’m going to decorate this blog for that?  Not me.  I’m sure you’ll hear from me well before Santa comes plunging down your chimneys.  But if not, be happy and jolly.  It’s Xmas time for X’s sake!


One comment on “Ghost Hunters: Not Even Trying Anymore

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