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Jesse Ventura: Conman of the Ages

The inside caption is something I saw this morning on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Facebook page.  Needless to say, I could resist to make it into an image, and I’m glad to see it’s been shared a ton.  Actually, it made its way back around to me within an hour.  That’s pretty impressive.

The problem with the original photo is something common to conspiracy “theorists” (again, I hate applying the word theory to anything that’s not an actual theory): They are the most scientifically illiterate people walking the planet (see 9/11 speed-of-gravity argument).  The main problem is that the image is misleading.  The image shows a danger notice of the chemical compound known as sodium fluoride.  The image dictates that sodium fluoride can be lethal – toxic to human beings.  Here’s where you should respond with, “No shit?”

There is not a chemical compound in existence that isn’t lethal to people in some concentration or abundance.  For instance, what if I were to make a sign that read, “Don’t drink water!  Drinking water puts human beings at risk of Hyponatremia. This is an electrolyte disturbance in the body that has been known to be fatal. I repeat, NO MORE WATER.”  This, while incredibly misleading, is actually true.  Hyponatremia is an electrolyte disturbance in the body that is caused by the over-consumption of water, or over-hydration.  You can over-water plants as well, but that doesn’t make water dangerous.  Maybe, however, if we were to tell them about this disease, they’ll think water is a giant conspiracy and stop drinking it.  Darwin would thank us.

The same is true for sodium fluoride.  Much like other elements in the body like iron, it’s actually good for you, but can be harmful in large amounts.  Iron is a great example of this because the thresholds on both sides leave a very small window for proper iron levels.  Too little can kill you and too much can easily kill you.  Should we start avoiding iron as well?

The point is that Jesse Ventura, much like the remainder of his hoard of idiots, needs to get his head on straight and start doing some real research before posting stuff like this online.  If there were riots on water plants tomorrow, from a hoard of Tea-Bagging conspiracy nuts, one could easily trace it back to his Fox News-esque style of reporting “facts” to people.  It’s not only stupidity and lunacy, but it’s incredibly irresponsible and intentionally misleading.

Side note:  Just a by the by, sodium fluoride isn’t actually used to fluoridate water in the U.S. a fraction as much as sodium hexafluorosilicate which comes from hexafluorosilicic acid.  You can read all about both here.  Official NIH reports, in case anyone is wondering.

Thanks for reading.  Let the conspiracy religionists flow like wine.


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