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The Smiling Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe will be available in early December from W2 Books and Blogs Minneapolis, an imprint of Bravehouse Publications.  If you’re interested in a copy, contact me on here for an exclusive Smiling Skeptic discount code.  It will also be available on Barnesandnoble.com for Nook, Nook Color, Nook for iPhone, Nook for iPad, Nook for PC, and Nook for Android.  This edition will also be available for Kindle despite my protests…I mean, to my happy, happy joy!


“This is an entertaining, enlightening trek through the world of science and pseudoscience alike.  While technical at times, everyone should be able to digest every word, as C. Allen Thompson has a keen ability to make any topic palatable to anyone.”

-Dr. Hugh S. Camp – University of Texas, Austin

“C. Allen Thompson is less poetic about his work as he is in-your-face about his words.  While this may only be the first volume in a series, he’s already covered topics of which I was completely unaware.  I guess I won’t be returning to my chiropractor anytime soon.”

-Literally Speaking book review


Crusade: The Unchecked and Unbalanced Role of Faith in America is a trek through the stranglehold of ancient myths in modern culture, namely in the United States.  Our senate argues against climate change related legislation by quoting bible verses; our women have to be afraid when entering clinics, in case there’s someone nearby with a bomb or a gun; our leaders must claim religious affiliation to avoid gunfire; minorities must live as second class citizens; slavery, racism, bigotry; the list continues.  These are the fruits of religion, so why do we still tolerate it?  Well, because a great man named Thomas Jefferson once gave the US its religious freedom.  The problem is that this religious freedom is only available to the majority faiths, and even they are at war with one another.  Can something as divisive as this be good for anybody?  My answer is no!

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