Fun with Fundies!  Yes, it’s Back Just for This Guy!

Fun with Fundies! Yes, it’s Back Just for This Guy!

People, this is not parody.  This guy is serious. So much wrong, where do you even start with this moron?  I’m not even going to try, because if you managed to turn on a computer, you’re already far more scientifically literate than this guy.     Advertisements

Who You Gonna Call? A Smiling Skeptic’s Halloween

  Do you remember being a child–if you’re my age anyway–and seeing that one movie that you thought was going to define your life – define you as a person?  That one movie that you could watch over and over again as a child, and to this day, you can watch over and over again […]

That’s Allstate’s Stand. Are you a Virgo?

There are plenty of reasons to encourage critical thinking among people.  There are people who refuse to have their children vaccinated because they have a personal hypothesis – without evidence of any kind – that vaccines cause autism or lower Intelligence Quotients among children.  There are grown parents who don’t seek medical attention for their […]