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Fun with Fundies (March 31, 2010)

Fun with Fundies returns this week with something to talk about. And that something to talk about is THIS GUY! Theist Roman, who recently wrote an email to the admin of The Foxhole Atheist (cheep plug), has proven himself in just one long run-on paragraph, filled with long run-on and sentences, just how crazy fundies […]

The Endless Void of a Life Without God.

As an atheist, the proverbial void is something that I hear about quite often. In fact, it’s also something that I’ve dealt with. But before reading the first three sentences of this blog and thinking I’m proving the religious point of view, please read on. Many people, namely religious ones, talk about a certain void […]

Fun with Fundies (March 18, 2010)

Fun With Fundies returns this week, and this one is a doosey. Now watch this video and pay careful attention to what is really happening here. So, while this video speaks for itself on just about every level, can I just ask a simple question; why is it so hard for Christians not to judge […]

How Does The Harmless Become Harmful? (Part One)

The title of this blog is that of a good question I’m often asked. While no religion is absolutely harmless, there are those out there that carry relatively positive messages, and one should be curious as to why I still loop those in with the larger and more destructive forces. There are also those out […]