T-Shirts, TAMs and Total Absurdity.

I am going to say one thing about this situation and one thing only: If this makes anyone cry, please send photos to ToughenUpAndLearnToTakeCriticism@RealFeministsHateYou.com

Out of Touch – Out of Mind: Thoughts on Creating Bubble Realities

Following my appearance in ReapSowRadio tonight, filling in for the birthday boy, Al Stefanelli, I couldn’t stop thinking about one of our topics of conversation.  While the topics were broad, my biggest head-desk of the night came from a claim on a thread to which Reap posted a link in the chat, wherein claims were […]

Yogis: Dumber Than the Average People

I’m sure I don’t have to explain what Yoga is.  If I do, I’ll just refer to it as an amazing exercise that has been known to do wonders for the body.  Much like meditation, it’s also known as a wonderful mental exercise that allows people to enter deep states of concentration. What’s the problem […]

Jesse Ventura: Conman of the Ages

The inside caption is something I saw this morning on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Facebook page.  Needless to say, I could resist to make it into an image, and I’m glad to see it’s been shared a ton.  Actually, it made its way back around to me within an hour.  That’s pretty impressive. The problem […]

Is it Time to Stop Bitching About Pluto?

In short, yes. In 2012, I still see posts on Facebook disputing the decision of the IAU, declaring that Pluto would be demoted to dwarf planet status.  I just wonder, if we were to suddenly find out tomorrow that hydrogen was actually never an individual element in and of itself, but has been a helium […]

Fun with Fundies! Yes, it’s Back Just for This Guy!

People, this is not parody.  This guy is serious. So much wrong, where do you even start with this moron?  I’m not even going to try, because if you managed to turn on a computer, you’re already far more scientifically literate than this guy.    

A Different Approach to Trayvon Martin

I’ve recently taken a small break from being “The Smiling Skeptic” to concentrate on other matters.  Other matters that don’t leave me with heart conditions from either pure rage brought on by frustration, or by hysterical laughter.  However, I thought of this subject this morning after a long night, and I realized this would be […]

…Like Abstinence is a Sexual Position

If you missed Bill Maher this past Friday, you missed Bill once again explaining that atheism is not a belief or a religion.  This cop-out from the religious seems to be used more and more by the day, and I think it’s time we tie all of them down and make them listen to phrases […]

The Internet in Real Life


1952 by 2022?

1952 by 2022?

I happened across this online this morning just after reading about the possible return of a full-blown polio epidemic by the year 2022 – possibly even sooner.  Recently, in areas of our own medically advanced, first-world country, four cases of polio have been reported this year.  That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s four up […]


That’s Allstate’s Stand. Are you a Virgo?

There are plenty of reasons to encourage critical thinking among people.  There are people who refuse to have their children vaccinated because they have a personal hypothesis – without evidence of any kind – that vaccines cause autism or lower Intelligence Quotients among children.  There are grown parents who don’t seek medical attention for their […]