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It Came from Space!!! Well, not so much.

It would almost appear that I’m writing for the Sci-Fi Channel all of a sudden with all of the ghosts and alien stuff as of late, but unfortunately, I saw something earlier on this week that set off my skeptic radar, which I’ve now dubbed the Skadar3. It appears the news media has caught us […]

Ghost Hunters: Not Even Trying Anymore

Is it just me, or are the Ghost Hunters not even trying anymore? I’ve chatted alongside some very famous paranormal investigators, as I’ve chatted at length with those who remain nameless in the paranormal world.  All along the lines, they seem to have the same opinion on the Ghost Hunters as I do: Not quite […]

Answers in Genesis Returns with a Whopping Plate of Stupidity

Anyone who has been reading my blogs for a while, or my books for that matter, knows that The Smiling Skeptic and Answers in Genesis go way back.  Yeah, we’re old chums, I guess you could say.  But by “old chums” what I actually mean is that they are a favorite target of mine.  Not […]